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This means your control panel is locked. Hold the unlock button until the lights stop flashing to unlock it. (about 10-15 seconds).

Try unplugging the motor from power for 2 minutes to reset it. If it still does not work, try the remote controls to see if they work. Please give us a call to diagnose.

Make sure your motor is an Auto Stop to begin with. If it doesn’t say Auto Stop on the motor, then it’s not an Auto Stop. To clear the Auto Stop settings you can use the Keypad / Control Panel if it’s not locked, the blue remote control, or your phone if connected by Bluetooth. Make sure to hold each button you press for at least one-two seconds. Press lock, lock, light to erase the parameters. You will know when they are erased because the green led will start blinking fast again. If you try it and it doesn’t work just slow down your button pressing. Press lock (hold for 1 second and let go) wait one second and then press lock again (hold for 1 second and let go) wait one second and then press light press lock (hold for 1 second and let go). It is easier to clear the auto stop settings with the remote control than it is with a phone. Some phones are delayed when sending the signal to the circuit board. You can also check out our video page.  

At least 108 volts coming out where you plug the motor in. Extension cords should be no longer than 150 feet and 12/3 thick. Recommended 20 amp circuit breaker. You must use a GFI at shoreline!

Group 24 or 27 series. Deep cycle marine batteries.

4A (AAAA) batteries. It takes 2 of them. 

No, all manual motors can add a pendant with an up and down button on them. 

No, the motors are completely different. You would need to purchase a new motor. 

Ac systems draw up to 18 amps. Dc systems draw up to 138 amps .

By using the Back Up Bit  tool that came with your motor. We put them inside the white floatie key chain.

Our direct drive DC motors can be operated by either 12 or 24 volts. The DC Wheel Drive motors and the PWC motors are only 12v. Running these two motors in 24 volts will ruin the motor.

We recommend you use one of our storage covers and put it over your motor to protect it during the off-season months. The cover is made out of a nylon material that will let air in and out, so condensation doesn’t occur. You can also remove the motor and store it inside.  Never cover your motor with a plastic bag.

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