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System Diagnostics (see video below) was something we had been thinking about for years. When we first came out with the free Bluetooth app for iPhone and Android, we knew it would be possible. We wanted to provide a way for the customers and dealers to track how the motor was functioning and to let them know if there was an issue. Now, with the free Lift Tech Marine App open on the phone, you can see in real-time what the motor is doing by pressing a button on the keypad/control panel.

 The app will tell you if your battery is low on DC systems. It will tell you how much power is running to the motor on AC systems. You can press a button on the keypad/control panel and watch what happens to the voltage as you use the motor. One of the number one calls we get is that the motor won’t work due to a bad battery. Now, you can check the voltage from the diagnostics app. If the voltage is good, see what happens when you try to go up or down. Not only will a low voltage fault show up, but you will also notice the voltage drop way down.


If the remote controls or keypad/control panel will not work, you can open the diagnostics app on your phone and scroll down to Lock State. If it is on, this means the remotes and keypad/control panel are locked out. There are many different features that can be provided to the app and we are working on many more to include all free of charge by our Lift Tech Marine App.

We are the only company that has these features, and we provide these absolutely free on all motors that use a keypad/control panel. This is another way that Lift Tech Marine is a better product than our competition.

Only available on motors with a keypad/Control panel.


In the video below, we use a DC Remote motor with one battery.

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